D&D v3.5 Campaign

What has happened so far

Pick a color to denote dialogue, and a color for everything else (actions, skill checks, etc)
James – Dialogue
James – Actions
Mat – Dialogue
Mat – Actions

Wayne and Marckus, being long-time friends, are journeying from one trivial town, to some menial village. During our travels we spot a old campsite and decide not to let it go to waste as the day’s travels wind down.

Wayne, retelling stories of past glory in his jousting career, sitting next to a roaring fire—and Marckus knowing better than to believe any of it for a second—sees a glimmer and shimmer from something small on the side of the cliffside nearby.

As you step up to investigate you discover the remnants of an arrow-filled skeleton of a hero that time forgot. I say a little prayer for the fallen and forgotten, and promptly strip down any valuables that we might find. Among his possessions we find:

1x Bag Of Holding
1x Boots of Striding and Sprinting
1x Circlet of Darkvision
1x Amulet of Wisdom +2
2x Ring of Protection +2
3x Silver Dagger of Returning +1
1x Light Crossbow +1 (x60 silver bolts)
1x Mace of Fire +2
a strange bracelet with wooden beads, one of which has a zodiac sign burned in
to the wood.
a small satchel of gems (various)
a small bag of gold (50pp, 357gp)

As we slowly remove the valuables, a small scroll falls out from a small pocket inside his boots. It is a map. It seems to have lead him to this very spot, but it seems he didn’t find what he was looking for before a group of something caught up with him.

At this point, we would divie up the valuables. I would want the Boots, Bracelet, and Amulet. That OK with you?
Sounds good. I’ll take the bag of holding, mace, a ring of protection, and the rest we can throw in the bag of holding in case we need it later. Also, OOC, I added an Excel character sheet and shared it with you. I started filling it out before I realized you would see it so I made a copy for my character. Feel free to use it. It does all the math automatically. If you put your level in the little class list it’ll even put your saves and ATK bases down. I have all our “party” items saved on the last page of Wayne’s character sheet. Also, I’m gonna go ahead and throw my lance and saddle in my bag of holding so that if my horse runs away I still have them (since the horse will be left at the camp site. . . tied up of course).
After searching for a few minutes, we find a thick old wooden door severely overgrown by vines. We cut them free, and step inside.

The air is stale and damp. The floors and walls are all obviously man-made stone corridors. There are lots of tracks in the dust on the floors, and you can hear the faint sounds of something, somewhere. The opening room is about 15×20 feet, with 4 pillars. The one of the pillars has a crudely written sign in what appears to be blood on an old wooden shield, fastened on the pillar by a shoddy, rusty dagger.

Whoever—or whatever—did this is strong. But… not very clever.

The sign reads: “GO. YU MUST LEAV OR I EAT YU UP”

The entrance is on the Western wall. There is a door (definitely not a corridor) to the North and South, and a door to the East. To the north is bends to the right almost immediately, to the south, you cannot see where it ends, but it looks like cubbie holes or doorways line the sides. The door on the East wall is wooden.

(Whipsering) Right then, which way should we go?

Wayne walks up to the crude note and reads it over a couple of times.

(normal talking volume) I’m don’t believe the person who wrote this is very smart. Obviously not jouster material. . . perhaps we should put him out of his misery. . . He seems to be living a rather dreary life. (shouting) No one threatens to eat Wayne the Great!

Wayne knocks the shield to the floor to emphasise his point.

I say we go this way.

He starts walking toward the Eastern door with bluster and bravado, shield leading and mace raised.

cringes … I should have expected that. We should be pretty careful. Even someone as, ah… talented…? as yourself might meet his match. This place looks pretty big, and judging by the recent wear on the floors, there’s no shortage of baddies.

Pulls out the morning star and shield, takes a swig of a “special” flask.

Well then! Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get to killing! Remember though, I can only heal so much, so fast.

At this point I should mention, we also both have a potion belt, fully stocked with your potions of choice. The belt holds 4 potions on each side. Say here what you would have stocked it with.

I would have picked 4 Light Healing, and 4 Healing.
I’m gonna go with 4 Cure Light Wounds, 2 Cure Moderate Wounds, 1 Remove fear and 1 Bull’s Strength.

The door on the East wall is a seemingly plain wooden door with iron rivets. You stop to inspect the door and you hear some clear sounds of rustling coming from all 3 directions.

I take a good hard look at the door as if I’m looking for traps. After a quick glance I shrug and pound my shield with my mace.


I kick the door.
Strength roll =Roll(1d20)3:
Total:8. . . ouch
Reflex to keep from falling on my ass:
Assuming you don’t have anything to add and considering I rolled higher than a 10 on my reflex save I’m going to just try to make it look like I was just trying to make a lot of noise by pounding my shield some more.

Yeah, what do you think about that idiot!? Can’t even spell!

I look back and smile at you as if to say, “Are you watching how amazing I’m being?”

suddenly adopting a dwarven accent Ye silly Monkey. Yer gunna get us killed!

Grabs the handle and opens the door.

The door creaks open, but nothing explodes. Huzzah!

The room is only 15 ft deep, and extends about 25 feet to the right. There’s not much to this room, some rubble, but that’s about it. About halfway down the opposite wall, there is another door. There is a light on underneath, and you smell what could be some kind of cooked meat.

I crinkle my nose at the smell.

Something smells goooooood….

Right . . .

It does not.

  • * * *
    I walk up to the door on the other side of the room and knock loudly.

Anyone home?!

I open the door and step into the room.

  • * * *
    The door reveals… a HALLWAY! It’s about 25’ long and opens up in to a wider room. about 15 feet down ont he right side there is a small cubby with a door. The smell of food is coming from that room. So are sounds of eating.
    I move to the door and open it.

Did someone forget to send me the invite? I’m starving!

I look around to ensure that you were audience to my wit.

  • * * *
    Following, taking another drink, closes the door behind us in to the hallway. Follows you in to the door you just opened.

Well now look here, ye see? Ye damn ape!

Inside this room is a dining hall. It seems to be mostly empty at this point. Mostly.

There are 2 rather confused orcs who are no longer eating their “meat” and seem quite annoyed. They get up, as a orc steps out of the kitchen wielding a rather large looking cleaver.

“Looks like we just found dessert, boys! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!”



Total:9 My rolls are sucking. . .

Bear with me here… I need to read up on something first before we get in to this.
bearing. . . you like my pretty pictures? :-)

All the Orcs start heading your way. Stopping only to pick up their crudely fashioned clubs, as the Chef comes around the other side of the Table, salivating as he raises his cleaver above his head.

CHEF (20 init): Attacking Mat
The chef runs up to you, Cleaver raised high above his head… predictable. You easily sidestep the attack.

ORC 2 (18 init): Standby
Chugs his beer, waiting for ORC 1 to kill you, or to be killed so he can try to kill you. No actions.

ORC 1 (13 init): Attacking Mat
The orc takes a valiant swing, but wasn’t accounting for the sidestep manuever against the Chef, and just grazes your armor, and nothing else. No damage. But he left a small scuff mark. Tsk

- ORC 2 Jumps in -
Attacks Mat (Now that he can)
Orc 2 follows Orc 1 and attempts to strike you down, but can’t seem to get a clear enough shot with you dodging and Orc 1 attacking simultaneously, and unceremoniously hits the table instead.

JAMES: Standby
Standby. Takes a drink. Waiting for Mat to move so I can do my thang’.

MAT: Attacking Orc 1 (for scuffing my armor!)
I raise my mace in anger. This is the finest armor you’ll ever see!! I swing at the Orc who so rudely defiled my armor.
First Attack:
8+2fire damage for a total of 10
Second Attack:

Your first attack connects square in the abdomen. A solid hit! as you reel around for your second attack however, you can’t handle the momentum of the blade (or whatever it is you use) and miss completely. a Mace of fire +2

James casts HOLD PERSON on Orc 1
SV vs Will to negate: Failed

Next round

Noticing that there is another person behind the stupid warrior, and that it casts magic, the Chef understands that he needs to take the little one out. Shifting his attack, he instead attacks the dwarf hiding behind the bravado of this jouster.

CHEF: Attacking James

DMG Roll:

James takes 6 points of Damage

ORC 1: Attempts to break HOLD PERSON
SV vs Will

ORC 2: Attacking Mat

DMG Roll:

Mat takes 6 points of Damage

JAMES: Casting sanctuary on Self

  • (you’re up!) ****
    MAT: Attacking Orc 1
    First Attack:
    I have to use a different roller because we got blocked to the old one here. http://www.brockjones.com/dieroller/dice.htm is the new website I’m using
    Rolling 1d20 + 12
    ( 18 ) + 12 = 30
    Rolling 1d8 + 2
    ( 3 ) + 2 = 5
    Rolling 1d6
    ( 3 ) = 3
    5 + 3 fire damage for a total of 8
    Second Attack:
    Rolling 1d20 + 12
    ( 11 ) + 12 = 23
    Rolling 1d8 + 2
    ( 2 ) + 2 = 4
    Rolling 1d6
    ( 4 ) = 4
    4 + 4 fire damage for a total of 8
    Just a reminder, I have great cleave so if any of these are a killing blow I get a free attack on another adjacent enemy in which case I would go after the Chef.

Right. Sorry bout the delay, last week was busy, and Ian came by to visit this weekend. I’ll try to get this moving forward today.
No worries. Things are getting pretty busy around here also. I’m gonna be a lot slower with updates myself coming up. . . I still think this is pretty cool and would like to keep it going however!

Wayne (Mat) – Fighter

67 HP - Init. 6 - AC 22
Base – 7/2
Melee – 10/5
Range – 9/4

Mace of fire 2 – ATK: 12/7 – DMG: 1d82 +1d6 fire DMG – x2 crit.
Heavy Lance of Jousting – 10/5 – 1d8 – x3 crit. (range = 10, can’t ATK adjacent units, may be used one-handed when mounted, x2 DMG when used from the back of a charging mount)

Fort 7
Ref 4
Will 4

Marckus (James) – Cleric
HP - Init. -1 - AC 22
Base – 5
Grapple – 6

Fort 9
Ref 1
Will 9

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